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Useful Tips

We hope that some of the tips on this page will prove useful to you, and might help to improve the performance of your computer

MS Windows can become less efficient over time, as applications and services expand, and take up increasing amounts of computer resourses. This results in your computer becoming sluggish, sometimes painfully so.  We can prevent this by giving your computer some TLC a couple of times a year. Its worth every penny!

Maximise Performance
Try not to open too many programs at once while working on your computer, as the more things that are open, the slower your system will run

Avoid Power Surges
Domestic power supplies can dip or surge instantly. Computer components are sensitive to extra power, and surges are potentially damaging. This can be avoided by the use of Power Surge Protectors, which we can supply from as little as £10.

Virus Protection
Always ensure your computer has antivirus software installed, and that it is re-purchased each year.  Virus protection is essential, and a years protection can be purchased from us for only £15.

Air Flow
Make sure that air vents on your computer case are not blocked, as restricted airflow can lead to overheating. This is particularly true of laptops, which should never be left on bedspreads!!